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Questions About the Project

Q: Why Open Source
A: I'm a fan of the Open Source community for one. The ability to actively participate in development if desired, modify projects for specific needs and obtain software to help you accomplish your goals is all worthwhile. Although I seriously considered the idea of trying to release this software as an affordable commercial offering, the headaches that come along with that would discount the benefits, by far.

Q: Do you accept donations?
A: Of course! While this is open source any donation is graciously accepted. This project has taken large amounts of time and energy to see it where it is and I don't see development stopping anytime soon! If you find the software helpful feel free to donate; even a few dollars can go a long way when it comes to helping the development.

Q: What prompted this project?
A: I've been an audio/visual professional for the entirety of my career, from high school on. I've run sound for hundreds of events and shows and worked with a few different audio cue programs. While these programs are great and are a good fit for most any show, I discovered a need for software that can run show cues for those no-budget productions. These tend to be simpler shows that mostly benefit from the ability to cue multiple audio files simultaneously and automate fades if desired. When I looked around for a simple open-source or similar solution I wasn't able to find anything. Thus I started working on this software as something I could turn to if I ever needed show software, as well as offer it to those who would benefit from the power of this over running shows from a media player playlist.

Q: Why VB?
A: Visual Basic has long been my language of choice. Although I have experience in a few different C syntax languages and other miscellaneous programming paradigms, Visual Basic was the first .Net language I studied and have gravitated to it ever since.

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